The Rebellion Ep:3 The Children Of God Part 1: The Infinite Father

What does God think about His kids?

This week on The Rebellion, we are starting a series on what does it mean to be the children of God. It is quite a strange and amazing concept I must admit. How do I understand a being beyond my understanding? How do you define something that is literally indefinable? For me, I look to Jesus because, in my opinion, He is the only one who can. Like all good things though, we have to start at the beginning to understand the grander scheme, and the beginning is the Father. Do you think the Father really loves you? A better question might be, do you think He loves you intensely? Do you think He sings over you? Do you think He is proud of you? I try to tackle this idea by giving you three things that I always try to remind myself of every day when it comes to The Almighty and our relationship. Enjoy be encouraged and know God loves you!

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