The Rebellion Ep:50 Healthcare is Racist! The Civil War & Trump, and Hillary Blameshift Tour!

Everyone Hates Everything!

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This week on The Rebellion, I tackle the new healthcare bill that passed the house this week. There seems to be some confusion about what it means for most Americans, but there is a bigger issue here and that’s how the media will stoop to new lows in order to further the liberal agenda. According to Wanda Sykes, people who want to repeal Obamacare are racist. Yes, you read that correctly! It quickly goes downhill from there. Next, we jump into Trump’s Civil War tweets and the outrage that ensued. It quite funny proving Anderson Cooper wrong about his,” Andrew Jackson couldn’t have helped stop the Civil War because he was a slave owner” theory. No, really I promise it’s a good time. Lastly, have you ever thought about why we are so divided as a country? Have you ever thought about how to fix it? I will give you my theory, again? Enjoy!