The Rebellion Ep:48 NY Times lies, Protesting Conservatives and Praising Sharia Law, and Flying Cars

We're back!

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This week on The Rebellion, I’m back! Yes, I know that we disappeared, but thank you for caring. It wasn’t planned, but things happen. You guys were so caring to send me emails and facebook messages checking on us to make sure we were ok, and I can’t ever express how much that means to us, so thank you! We have a ton to get to though so take a listen. I cover the recurring hypocrisy of the media and the NY Times getting caught in their own lies. The college protests over right wing speakers but they rejoice to have a women who supports sharia law come speak. Islam continues to ravage the world while the left screams for tolerance. The UN decided it was a good idea to appoint Saudi Arabia to the human rights and women’s rights council, but don’t forget to sanction Israel. Then we take a look at some of the good things that happened this week like the State Department's take on Iran, Veteran care being extended, and Flying Cars! Folks that’s just the highlights, hope you enjoy and hold on tight because I brought a fire hose to this Truth Juice party!

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