The Rebellion Ep:45 The Anti-Hero, Jeff Sessions, Pence Email, and Liberal Logic!

I have been proven right once again!

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This week on The Rebellion, I explain how the media is sabotaging itself by turning President Trump and his administration into the anti-hero. We love anti-heroes they are cemented into our very pop culture yet the far left and media totally miss this fact. It is a play right out of their own Hollywood elitist handbook, yet they have no clue. I show how they are suffering from “The Media how cried wolf syndrome” and why it is only further the damage to their credibility. Then we take a look at some great examples of liberal logic, such as a Mexican Congressman climbing the border fence thinking that proves a wall is a bad idea. Then there was that white lady who became the president of the NAACP, remember her? Now she has changed her name and I bet you can’t guess what it is. Finally, though I bring a little hope in the form of some long overdue irony. I hope you enjoy this episode and share it with a friend. Let freedom ring!!