The Rebellion Ep:46 The Liberal Effect VS. The Trump Effect!

Just look at what happened to King Midas!

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This week on The Rebellion, I take a look at how the left and King Midas have more in common than they like to admit. First, there was the protest at Standing Rock, they were supposed to be about protecting the environment and somehow turned into an environmental crisis. Next, can someone explain to me why a congressman is quoting Notorious B.I.G. on the floor of the House of Representatives? Is that really a good use of tax dollars? After that, I have to take issue with Trevor Noah for his comments on Van Jones this week. He really said that there is no such thing as an extreme leftist and that Trump supporters are supporting madness. Then we look Trumps effect on lowering illegal immigration before he has even spent a dime on the wall. There a glimmer of hope as usual though another great month for jobs and the economy. Hope you guys enjoy and have a great weekend! Feel free to email me or Josh with your thoughts at:

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