The Rebellion Ep:42 The "Muslim Ban", Violent Protest, and More Media Lies!

They have officially stopped trying!

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This week on The Rebellion, The left is losing their mind over this supposed “Muslim” ban, but is it really a “Muslim” ban? Whoopi Goldberg even went so far as to say that Trump’s administration is the beginning stages of the Taliban. Guess what when taking a look at the evidence she presented it seems to be a completely unfounded correlation. Weird I know. Next, we address why people are freaking out over Kellyanne Conway using the incorrect word in an interview. Instead of Bowling Green Terrorist, she said Bowling Green Massacre. You would have thought she just said she had super powers from the left's reaction. I also talk about the violent protest at NYU and Berkeley this week, and why we need to defend free speech. Finally, we hop on the hope train and leave you with something to smile about.

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