The Rebellion Ep:44 The First Amendment, The Oscars, and CPAC!

Truth Juice for Days!!!

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This week on The Rebellion, I am back!!! First I jump into a fun little debate I got into via twitter this week. Then I address the new narrative the mainstream media is pushing that President Trump is destroying the first amendment. There is one problem though it just isn’t true! A couple of news outlets being excluded from one press conference does not constitute Trump burning the first amendment. This week the Oscars and what political statements the Hollywood elites would be making has been the talk of the town. Five directors have decided to boycott the award show and their collective hypocrisy is truly astounding. CPAC also occurred this week and with all the big names that attended one of the best segments was an interview between Mark Levin and Ted Cruz. I take a dive into some of the questions they discussed and it is actually very encouraging to hear where the GOP mind is at. All that and much more!