The Rebellion Ep:43 Trump Supporters Need To Die?, Sen. Schumer Wants To Vomit, and Sen. Scott Is A Racist?

Fear is a dark and dangerous road!

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This week on The Rebellion, I tell you about how this idea of constantly perpetuating fear is very dangerous. We will examine why people like this substitute teacher in Tennessee feel the need to say Trump supporters need to die. Next, I will show you how Sen. Schumer's comments and the narrative Rachel Maddow put forth are not ground in any fact what so ever but it doesn’t matter because the goal is to spread fear. Why would they want to spread fear? It causes action and they don’t care what the consequences are! Sen. Scott is now a racist because he supported Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. This push to keep spreading fear in order to cause political activity comes at a high cost though and if they don’t stop we could end up seeing the bloodiest war in American history repeated. Don’t worry I still close with a moment of hope and it surprised even me!