The Rebellion Ep:41 Trump's First Week, Mexico, Abortion, and Millennial Madness!

Everyone just take a deep breath!

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This week on The Rebellion, It was Trump’s first week. What happened? How did he do? I answer all those kind of questions. Plus Abortion was a big topic this week because of the march for life and that other march that happened this week. I wonder how many feminist are going to lose their minds after that last comment. Then we address Mexico, I tell you why for their own good they should just comply. It’s just the numbers folks. Then I explain why the wall shouldn’t be looked at as an insult. Did you hear the Seattle mayor this week? Apparently, he thinks deporting illegal immigrants is comparable to Americans of Japanese descent being put into internment camps during WWII. I wonder why people think liberals are insane I am sure it has nothing to do with comments like that. All that and much, much more! Take a listen and tickle your ear hairs with the sweet sounds of Truth Juice.

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