The Rebellion Ep:40 Trump Inauguration, Obama's Legacy... (Violence, Big Government, and Debt), and Josh's Big Announcement

Say goodbye Barry, say goodbye...

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This week on The Rebellion, Today is Inauguration Day and excited as we are for the future we also need to remember the past. The question that needed to be addressed was, what exactly is Obama’s legacy? How does he have a 57% approval rating, but 75% of the country feel that the country was headed the wrong direction, as polls and the results of the election support. Do you feel like you hear about violence here in the USA and abroad more than you used to? There is a good reason for that, you do. The left’s agenda to separate people and divide us as a nation in order to promote victimhood and play on that emotion has a side effect. It is increasing violence because everyone is now the enemy. Failed foreign policy has led to an expansion of ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups. He has also increased gun control regulations. I will explain why that isn’t only a bad idea but a slippery slope for the rest of your rights. Government overreach has reached all-time highs as a story out Michigan illustrates. A man started his car to warm up because it was freezing outside and when he returned he found a $130 ticket because apparently letting your car warm up is a public safety issue. Oh yeah, ole’ Barry also raised the national debt more all the other presidents combined. Just so you know that means every full-time worker in America is now on the hook to the world bank and foreign governments for $161,000. Still, think government spending isn’t a big deal? That is the past though and we are hoping for smarter policies in the near future. Long term though we have to shrink our government though if we have any hope of preserving our liberties and freedoms in this country for future generations. Lastly, Josh makes a big announcement this week and makes me want to cry.

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