The Rebellion Ep:34 Pearl Harbor,Big Government, and Venezuela Pirates

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This week on The Rebellion, we take a look at the repercussions of Brexit and why Great Britain isn’t burning down. We also look at our own economy here in the United States and what has happened since our own election. This week was also the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, so we will be discussing what made the greatest generation the greatest. America also lost a hero yesterday, John Glenn WWII veteran, Korean War veteran, The first man to orbit the earth, the oldest man to go to space and US senator, passed away at 95. We will also be contrasting two points of view about America and the consequences of both. Have you heard of the government's new plan to track adults with dementia? Have you heard they want to make it part of the department of justice? Lastly, we will be taking a look at a new tax Portland passed and an update on Venezuela's Pirates. Hope you enjoy and our sources are below.


Companies will leave or find a loophole It sounds good but it’s really theft if they want fair start their own company glenn.html

Fought in WWII and the Korean War Served as a senator in Ohio and ran for president The first man to orbit the earth and in 1998 became the oldest man to go to space Died at 95 yesterday

Venezuela update: Because socialism is great Pics of how bad it is can be found here

But I thought Brexit was going to kill the economy Dow at record highs also

It is no longer your right but a crime when you destroy others personal property Also, you're an idiot who could have ended up burning down the building and potentially killing people I just don't get it why not just leave

Contrast of views Even when he didn’t get the same civil rights he believed in America

Define Junta George Washington was a general, some great presidents were generals so a cabinet is a bad thing?