The Rebellion Ep7: The Bricks Of Integrity

Don't sell your integrity to make a sale today; save your integrity to have a business tomorrow!

When you sell your integrity whether in business, government, or even your relationships. You are sabotaging yourself by selling out the very foundation all those things are built upon. We have a president who thinks that he can threaten his own people to make them conform to his twisted thoughts of the world. Well he is not a king and I will not bow my knee. I will not allow him to sell my integrity for a political correctness ploy. Transgender bathrooms have nothing to do with people's rights and completly have to do with appealing to the far left idealist during election season. This is the same tactic people use in sales, tell you want to hear true or not just to get the sale. When we trade our integrity for money, unfortunately most of the time you can not regain it. Play the long game in life! It is always right to do the right thing.(thanks Gary Vee) Always walk away from money for integrity, and you will always have a business.