The Rebellion Ep:6 The Story Of Your Life

We have to stop treating reality like a Fairy Tale

When our perspective is skewed by unrealistic expectations our only outcome will surely be disappointment. We must take a step back and remember that the tidal wave of movies and TV we get bombarded by on a daily basis is not reality. There is no guaranteed happy ending, and unless you are a real life princess the world isn’t going to treat you like one. Once we have taken a big swig of truth juice, we can see that reality calls for perseverance. When you are trying to create something you can’t wait on spontaneous creativity. We take a look at work driven creativity and what that means. Execution without preparation is a dangerous game, play it at your own risk. Don’t wait till it’s perfect, but do your best to make it perfect. Respect the field that you are trying to break into and become a student. What is the difference between just being excited and being prepared? Don’t underestimate the competition. Want some proof how about 3 billionaires who didn’t have anything handed to them.