The Rebellion Ep:33 Castro Dies, Trump Date, A Recount, and Mark Wahlberg

Are you ready to get force fed a five pound burrito of truth juice?

This week on The Rebellion we have a jam-packed episode full of Truth Juice and Freedom Strokes! First, though we ask for your prayer for those affected by the fires in Gatlinburg and the surrounding areas, and if you want to donate to help some kids have a great Christmas we have a place to go for that too.We will be covering the death of Fidel Castro and Obama’s weak statement. Next, we have a Trump update, addressing the good and the not so good things he has done in the last week. Then we will address the terrorist attack that occurred at Ohio State and take a look at a ridiculous narrative being pushed. Finally, we go over a theory that Josh has about why Jill Stein is pushing for a recount, and a hopeful story from Mark Wahlberg! Get ready because it’s a big episode!