The Rebellion Ep:27 Liar Liar Liberals On Fire!

I think I am going to be sick!

On The Rebellion this week it’s all about the lies! You deserve to know the truth, so I Freedom Physician brought you a supersized cup of truth juice. The media tried to bury WikiLeaks and how Hillary Clinton benefited from getting the debate questions early. Then they tried to bury the veritas action videos because they didn’t want you to know the truth about paying people to start riots. I have made a case for both and why you should care. Then we dive into Clinton's lies at the final presidential debate. She said she is pro second amendment that is a lie and I have the evidence to prove it. She said the law was about keeping toddlers safe, that was a lie also. She said her economic plan would create jobs and add nothing to the debt. Guess what another lie. I show you how terrible her plan is and why the so-called experts are wrong. Then we take a look at Obama's speech defending Obamacare and the blatant lies he spoke as fact. Take listen and share with the uninformed the only path to true freedom is less government and I will show you the way. Don’t believe the lies of liberals in their own words they don’t care about ethics and the laws as long as they win!