The Rebellion Ep:25 Theory vs. Results

Are you a mental wet noodle or a mental ninja gymnast?

This week on The Rebellion we take a look at Theory vs Results. The use of theory isn’t bad it’s actually good for improving the flexibility of the mind, however, to improve your mental flexibility without improving mental strength will leave you being a mental wet noodle. When experimentation occurs there are always results. Results are where the gold is, it is how you determine what worked and what didn’t. Unfortunately for liberals they hate results! They love theory but hate results. We show how theory without results leads to a Ph.D. candidate to say science is sexist and detrimental to minorities. Yes, you read that correctly, and she will be teaching children one day. Excited yet? Next in the news this week we found out that China threatens our ally Japan and our President said nothing. Why does this happen you ask? It happens because Obama has ignored the results of his own foreign policy. He came up with the theory that if we say America isn’t that great and made sure to not say anything perceived as offensive then the world would be safer. The results say he was wrong and that the world is a more dangerous place as a direct result of his failed theory. Lastly, we jump into the debate and the theories presented there. We look at the results of each and what has worked and what hasn’t. We answer the question of if the economy is static or are new economies created all the time. Finally, I have figured out why Trump stumbles when he gets frustrated and I bet it's not what you think.