The Rebellion Ep:22 Presidential Fitness

Who is the most fit?

This week we try to uncover who is really the fittest to be president. I have to clarify what I meant about my comments on Gary Johnson last week. I was right months ago before this one video went viral. Then we hear from none other than old Barry himself Barrack Obama about his thoughts on Trump. Don’t worry though we will look at what the constitution says about presidential fitness. After that, we are going to do a side by side comparison of Hillary Clinton’s resume and Donald Trump’s resume. That way you can decide who you think is the fittest to lead this great nation. Did I mention Josh is finally back in the studio and so is Tyranny Time? This week we take a look at the loving figure of Saddam Hussein and how he like to hug people with chemical weapons for things such as protesting and what tribe they were born to. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget next week we remember 9/11