The Rebellion Ep:21 Sleight Of Hand Or Magic Can You Tell?

Fantasy is starting to look a lot like reality

He’s back! No not Josh but his twin brother Noah has stepped in to fill his shoes this week. On this episode, we dive into two unlikely scenarios that are becoming more and more possible by the day if you pay attention to the trends. First, though I have to address the ridiculousness that is Colin Kaepernick. Yes, it’s his right, but I have rights to and I am going to exercise them. Hopefully, it will educate him on how his protest only makes him look like a lazy, uneducated, hypocritical, brat but I doubt it will. Then we talk about why a third Obama term isn’t that far fetched and if you pay attention the signs are beginning to point that way. Think about it two candidates that are hated than any in the history of polls. He is distancing himself from his potential successor. Our media and the white house brush off the rest of the world preparing for war. Why? Because they want to catch us off guard and in a panic. Why? Because they openly state on the left that you should never let a good crisis go to waste. The repercussions of this would be a war we wouldn’t be able to win because of political correctness. Hyper liberalism, AKA Communism that is already beginning to show up around the world. EU demands 14.5 Billion in back taxes from Apple even though everything they did was legal. California is destroying its economy and taking gun rights. While they say they are the future of America even though people are leaving there in droves. A little girl can’t expand her lemonade stand because of bureaucracy. Then we jump into the extremely unlikely possibility of Gary Johnson becoming President. Even though it is a minute chance because there is a chance I will address it. He needs to win one state and then hope Trump and Clinton split the rest. Then the house will have to vote and he hopes they vote him. Why is this a possibility though is the bigger issue. People long for freedom and it’s just not a tough sell. Brexit leader Farage says we need a Democratic Rennensancee. A new Social Media company is exploding because it is allowing free speech and people love it.