The Rebellion Ep:2 The Government Is Not Your Saviour

How sweet the words are of Bernie Sanders. How they appeal to my generation. They are like honey dripping from a beautiful womans lips. They however are a fairy tale! Learn why Mr. Sanders or as I like to call him Bernie will sink this country faster than The Titanic if he had his way. It's simple economics make it harder on businesses to function and jobs will leave. Double the minimum wage see inflation spike to unseen highs. If you don't believe me your former saviour Obama has been dictating economic policy for 8 years. How much more does your paycheck buy you now then when evil old bush left? I would bet less. I am not trying to offend I am trying to educate if you only take a second to think how real life businesses work you know this will be a disaster. Listen I know it sounds good but there is no magic bullet to success, and you can't vote your way to it either. You actually should be doing the opposite if you want a better shot at achieving dreams. Vote to make government smaller, vote for term limits, and stop giving away more and more of your freedom for a short term government handout. The same people that yell that the government is corrupt turn around and vote for politicians that want to expand its power and reach to unheard of limits!