The Rebellion Ep:19 God Don't Save This Queen!

When pure evil wants the throne it is our duty to push back

It just keeps getting better… I mean worse… Well, you will see. Oh yeah, also why is South Florida breeding zombies? On this Episode we look at Hillary’s email scandal and how deep the lies go. She continues to use the defense that it just doesn’t matter and we shouldn’t care because it wasn’t “that classified” material that was on her server. Yet the committee in the house of representatives doesn’t have a high enough security clearance to look at it all. Also, I will give you 5 reasons why we can’t allow her to be president, and tell you why so many people love her and what to do about it. Also look at the truth behind Trump's recent shake-ups and what that means for the rest of his campaign. Then finally we talk what the Right needs to improve on to finally win over independents as well as democrats.