The Rebellion Ep:16 Tyranny and Such

It's game night with the Bradford Brothers!

Tyranny and Such/ Feedback and Listeners question time/ Third Eye Blind are Racist/ T.I. Doesn’t want your money/ Blazers and Pearls/ Three word headline game/ Shannon returns/ PVCB like always has no room for others opinions/ Parenting what does it mean to us/ Josh finds out his daughter is a democrat/ Ms Grey chest kicks her sister into the abyss/ Loving your kids even when they are dumb/ Pivot, adjust, execute differently for different kids/ DNC Clinton makes history: Liar, Cheat Fiction/ French Church attack/ Beyonce, Adele, Kanye, lead the MTV Nominations/ Turkish Coop/ Somali suicide bombings/ Mrs Cleo dies/ Extreme game of twitter/ Common pesticide lowers bees sperm count/ US opens door to policy change for blood donation for gay men/ Twitter launches night mode on android app/ Fun Facts about Tyranny/ Genghis Khan/ Liberal or Dictator/ Thanks and we only grow because of you beautiful people sharing/