The Rebellion Ep:15 Broken Or Not It's Reality

Even though it may be broken, it's the cards we were dealt and we have to deal with it!

Made the Agent Marketing Syndicate / shout out to Ryan Fletcher / RNC update / trump's wife / 90% / media bias towards Hillary/ #nevertrump /Glenn Beck principles or publicity / Kasich sore loser or sore loser / message to the confused/ 2 real options / do you really trust Hillary / what does liberalism breeds / hate groups use political correctness to further racism / black lives matter chant / black lives matter Daytona / we ain't scared / media follows them around like Teenage sweethearts / why don't they report on this / black Pastor warns to quit attacking whites / hypersensitivity is a place where Liberty goes to die / College apologizes for housing cops and students yell trauma / mower or jail / the nationalization of the police force / but didn't you just say the police are Evil / solution let's start with being honest about things / the blame game / what we must do /