The Rebellion Ep:12 The Deepest Circle

What do Mutineers and Traitors deserve?

What do Traitors and Mutineers deserve? A special place in the deepest circle of hell according to captain Jack Sparrow! The RNC and “Courageous Conservatives” decide they no longer have to listen to 14 million voters and want to sabotage Trump. They no longer need to listen to the people, but we apparently need to learn how to be excited that they are so much smarter than us. Also we find out one college has decided math isn’t important enough to be included in the general education degree anymore. It is far more important to teach politically correct diversity. Mandated diversity is actually nothing more than politically correct racism. Next is our weekly update on the success of socialism in venezuela, and when 4 people die and 100’s are arrested in food riots. People riot outside the socialist party’s building and the government say America is to blame. Off to Miami shores next were front yard gardens are becoming illegal. Yes that's right growing squash and zucchini are going become a crime. The death of freedom and liberty start small, that is the only way they can defeat it. The PVCB will say oh it’s not a big deal, and people won’t think much of it. It will keep happening little by little as the public grows numb to the theft of small freedoms, they will grow bigger and bigger. Then I have a freedom stroke and give you two healthy doses of Ronald Reagan. Learn the meaning of #doublestuffedfreedomO’s #freedomland