The Rebellion Ep:10 Logical Solutions

PVCB can't be cured; it must be exterminated!

When the PVCB attack, offer logic. They run and hide. It is so counter intuitive for them, they honestly call rational thought evil. They write about how rational thought causes, slavery, racism, sexism, and genocide. While all along never realizing the act of formulating an effective argument requires rational thought. They want to take your guns, in the name of preventing gun violence, yet refuse to admit most gun violence happens in the most regulated areas. They refuse to see socialism failing constantly throughout history, and demand to make government bigger in the name of fairness. The PVCB are a disease on the world and their ideology must be exterminated! Biggest week yet, Thank You to all the Warriors of Liberty out there helping grow little spine gardens in your neighborhoods. We couldn’t do it without you!