The Rebellion Ep 29: Globalism vs. Nationalism

That is what this election is really all about!

This week on The Rebellion we dive into Globalism vs. Nationalism! Why are we talking about this just a few days before the election, because that is what this election really boils down to. First, we will give you the actual definition of the words and show you how they are normally misinterpreted. Then we look at the direction each position will take our country. Globalism is a fantasy that will never work because there are just some things that will never mix, whether it’s oil and water or good vs. evil. We also tell you why if you don’t enjoy corruption and don’t want to be ruled over then you shouldn’t embrace globalism. It will always create a ruling class that doesn’t have to listen to the people. The opposite is true when you embrace nationalism in founded in the constitution. Finally, prophet Kalib makes another appearance to remind you of the predictions he made about China and Obama are coming to fruition. Hope you enjoy and get ready to party next as episode 30 we will be tackling probably the most important issue facing our nation that we will see in our lifetime. Enjoy and keep spreading freedom!