The Rebellion Ep:20 I Found The Source Of The Infection

PVCB (liberalism) is real but I have found the cure!

It is an epidemic! Liberalism has crafted an infectious disease that ravages the mind and steals your soul. It is called P.V.C.B. and it is spreading like wildfire. People with a glazed over look just stumbling around from one place to another, groaning for handout after handout. It causes an unquenchable thirst for entitlements through soul destroying victimhood. They can’t begin to stand up for what they believe in because the mindlessness this disease causes is unbeatable. Even when you apply the healing effects of truth juice to them the peddlers hand out booster shots of the virus. They push their message with a vicious efficiency. Stay defeated the only thing you can do is get the Government to fix it for you. This virus started in Europe and has spread across the globe ravaging all in its path. We are the true last home of freedom. It does look grim but have no fear because I, your fearless leader have reverse engineered where they are inoculating people. I have found ground zero and have devised a plan to defeat this horrible disease. It begins to happen before the schools even or as I like to call them the labs. Yes, the truly sinister messing begins in the labs, but that is not where it begins. Hope you like the episode and if you want to know the cure then give it a listen. Don’t for to review on iTunes it is always appreciated.