Conspiracy Corner 4: UN Secret Bases and What They Are Planning

Martial Law anyone???

Picture this, you're on a family vacation the sun is shining. You feel the breeze blowing through your hair. You look up and you see an eagle flying through the sky, coasting on his majestic wings. Then suddenly... Bang! The eagle is blown into little feathery bits! You can hear the rumbling of a Humvee, and the ground begins to shake as the sound of a massive M1A Abrams tank is heading your family's direction. You think this is all some kind of dream, but then you realize that soldiers are speaking English. Have you just stumbled into some sort of cosmic teleportation device? Oh no, this situation is much more devious. The UN has come to support the New World Order martial law here in the United States. Maybe this is a surprise to you, but the planning has been going on for a long time.

On this week's episode of Conspiracy Corner, this is the situation that will be diving into. Has the u.s. sold national parks? Maybe. Do some of those National Parks have secret military bases? Maybe. Will there be a foreign forces coming to subdue the American people? Maybe. Or is this all just a bunch of conspiracy theory run amuck, You decide!