Conspiracy Corner 11: FEMA Death Camps

Why are there so many if they don't want to kill you?

On Conspiracy Corner this week we tackle the conspiracy of FEMA death camps. Josh makes the case that the only reason the federal government needs that many camps are to jail the population. I offer the strange idea that it might because the backlash from Hurricane Katrina and the delayed response time from the federal government that they have created and staffed more of them. Also, he props up his idea that all the executive orders that are in place to take the freedom of the American people during a crisis are evidence enough that when the poo hits the fan patriots better watch out. I say that just because the government may operate differently in wartime doesn’t mean everyone is going to die. I actually had a tough time selling that point because of government corruption but that's my job, right? It was fun as always and hope you enjoy it. Let us know what you think conspiracy or we need to be watching out?