The Rebellion Ep:37 Goodbye 2016, Russia hacks, Israel might have to attack, Millennial Madness, and Venezuela's Currency Crisis

What happened in 2016, and what needs to happen to make 2017 even better!

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This week on The Rebellion, we say goodbye to 2016 and look ahead to 2017. If there is one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that 2016 was marked by transitions from the status quo. Some people were disturbed by them but the majority of America was encouraged to see the pendulum swing back to the people and away from bigger government and regulation. We shouldn’t look back for too long though because we have a new year quickly approaching full of opportunity and things that need to get done. 2017 will hopefully not only be our best year ever but also your best year ever. We quickly analyze what is going on with Russia and Israel currently, and give our opinion on how things should go. I have to admit though it may not sound like the kindest approach, it is probably the only long-term solution left. Then we jump into the continued demise of Venezuela and why it just keeps getting worse for those poor people. Lastly, we look at the Millennial Madness that has caused George Washington University to drop the U.S. History requirement for History majors. Yes, you read that correctly. People can now graduate with a history degree in the United States, from a university named after our beloved first president, without taking a single college level U.S. history class. Hope you guys enjoy and have a wonderful new year! Thanks for all your support and help growing this movement of freedom and liberty.

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