The Rebellion Ep:36 Adam Saleh is an Idiot, Terrorist Attacks, MTV's Racist Video, Liberal Logic Lightning Round, and Atheist Now Deny Jesus Existed at All

Santa brought me liberal insanity for Christmas Yay!

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This week on The Rebellion, Welcome to the Christmas Spectacular where we talk about how big of an idiot Adam Saleh is for getting himself kicked off a plane then screaming racism. With terrorist attacks occurring in both Germany and Turkey just two days beforehand and heading to New York City on a plane what did he think was going to happen. Then we take a look at MTV’s Resolutions for White Men in 2017 and play Liberal Logic Lightening Round, and me and josh dismantle all of the leftist lies spewed in this video in under two minutes. Finally, we address the concept, that atheist are now touting out, that Jesus never even actually existed. So Merry Christmas and enjoy the week's edition of free #TruthNog see what I did there.

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Show Notes and Sources: Quit being stupid how about that

So we don’t know what he was doing specifically yet whether he was chanting allah akbar or having a simple conversation with his mom, I would assume it wasn’t as innocent as he claims because this is a youtube prankster who only really care about getting more views which he has accomplished and he has been caught several times faking his videos. Let’s say though he is telling the truth. He innocently speaks arabic to his mom on a flight headed to New York which is where in case anyone forgot the twin towers stood and gets mad that people want him off the plane.

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Now before I fully address (Adam Saleh) let looks at the context in which he decided it was a good idea to begin speaking arabic on a plane.

It’s Christmas time and the only people who hate it more than atheist are islamic jihadist. It is one of the most important holiday’s to us infidels so of course they want to kill as many as possible around that time. Two days prior to dumb dumb’s plane prank we had an attack in germany which the attacker drove into a crowd at The Christmas Market, who by the way spent four years in an Italian prison for burning a school and was also reportedly convicted in absentia for aggravated theft with violence and sentenced to five years in prison according to reuters and fox news. The attacked killed 12 and wounded 48. On the same day the russian ambassador to turkey assassinated at a press conference in which the shooter starts screaming allah akbar and remember syria. Here is Dr. Gorka analysis of the events that occurred.

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Now remembering all of that let me address the actions of Mr….

Yes you ignorant man child you got kicked off the plane and guess what it wasn’t racism, it was stupidity… Your stupidity that got you kicked off. I don’t know if you noticed but arabic speaking countries are in the habit off breeding terrorists currently and before I get any #NotAllMuslims or #ArabicCountries are our allies I know. However, that does not change the reality that if a man of arab descent gets on a plane speaking his native language, the people from the countries being attacked are probably going to get uncomfortable and not want to fly with that individual. Do you think Germans were quick to hop on a plane heading to an allied country speaking german during WWII? Do you think the Japanese would have spoke their native tongue on a ferry ride in honolulu. Do you think Russians thought it a good idea to speak russian on a flight to the US during the cold war? No they would all have the sense to say hey probably not the brightest idea, but you in all of your leftist ideology decide to be an idiot then scream racism. Grow the hell up. While you are busy trying to satiate your liberal outrage over the slight dose of truthjuice you just received, let me hit you with one more. The idea of mass racism you are trying to spread is not only untrue, and actually will hurt your cause long term but is dangerous. Let’s say your boycott of delta takes off and they lose a ton of business. What happens when their is a person who is plotting an attack but the crew is too scared to say anything because we don’t need another fiasco like what happened with your idot self. So muhammad whoever carries out a successful attack and kills hundreds maybe even thousands of people directly because it was more important to you to feign racism than exercise common sense. Which will only strengthen in people's minds to classify all arabic speaking people as terrorist. Congratulations Mr. Saleh you not only helped strengthen prejudices but you also helped get innocent people killed!

But I don’t want to stiffle your creativity so here I have the ultimate prank for your next video go grab you a big old american flag shirt an army surplus patrol cap and some jump boots, then fly to Iran and walk around town singing the national anthem and praising israel. Let’s see what happens you are still a bearded man of arabic descent so whatever happens you can blame racism. I bet though you won’t because you know that would be a bad idea. You know in civilized countries we don’t stone people in the streets or saw off your head for being a different religion, so you feel safe enough to be the shining star of leftist arrogance and victimhood!

Moving on though…

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It’s time for destroying liberal logic lighting round!

The object of game is simple I am going to play a clip of liberal ideas and whoever can refute in fastest time wins.

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Question #1: America was never great for anyone who wasn’t white!

Question #2: Can we all just agree that black lives matter isn’t the opposite of all lives matter, it’s just black lives matter, there no need to overcomplicate it.

Question #3: Also Blue Lives Matter isn’t a thing. Cops weren’t born with blue skin.

Question #4: Stop bragging about being woke.

Question #5: Learn what mansplaining is and stop doing it

Question #6: Stop prioritizing the well being of an ivy league athlete over the woman he assulted

Question #7: Everyone loves Beoynce and yeah she’s black, that why she talks aboout black issues

Question #8: feel free to take kanye, you know what you did kanye

Question #9: Nobody who has black friends says they have black friends

Question #10: Just because you have black friends doesn’t mean you’re not racist

Look we are the worst! Cause you know we are white males!

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