The Rebellion Ep:35 Sparta, Lots of Money, Republicanism, and The Founding Conservatives

History repeats itself, right?

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This week on The Rebellion we take a look at Republics and how they rise and fall according to history and a great book The Founding Conservatives. What makes a republic a republic? Well, in short, it is a government set up for the public and governed by a document. However, we dive into the documented cyclical nature of republics and why they are so prosperous. What does prosperity bring with it? It brings luxury and corruption, which cause effeminate men and eventually the government seizure of power. How does all of this apply to where our republic is currently? Have you seen the left? They are the very definition of these things, but it isn’t just them it is also the establishment politicians. We show how they attack the rejection of their power grab and why it isn’t even a valid argument. Finally, we will give you the two possible options for our country if we cross the proverbial line in the sand and neither one is good. We are on the edge of the cliff and our only hope is to turn this train around while there's still time and my friends that window is closing quickly. Hope you enjoy!


Celebrities call for the electors to boycott Trump because he is unqualified demagogue

Define: a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument

The Book The Founding Conservatives By David Lefer

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