Conspiracy Corner 21: The Phantom Time Hypothesis

Do you know what year it is?

This week on Conspiracy Corner Shannon is back and taking the Conspirator lead trying to convince you 300 years have gone missing. I will be defending known history and logic in general. She puts forth the idea that the early middle ages are nothing more than a great ruse to make emperor Otto III rule during 1000 AD because of his views on Christian Millennialism. She goes on to point out how there is almost no physical evidence of the Jewish culture at this time. She also mentions that the Persian empire would have never decorated their palaces with paintings of themselves because Islam forbids the painting of people. I rebuttal by pointing out scientific dating of artifacts from that period do match up. There is also astrological events that we can track back that also match up with documents that were written in that time period, and so much more. I hope you enjoy and as always it’s up to you decide fact or fiction!