Feeling Abandoned? You're Not. God is there...

Scripture to prayerfully consider: Psalm 27:7-10

Being alone is bad enough, but there is a deeper wound that comes from being abandoned.

When I found myself alone in the dark as a child, my imagination would come up with the most terrible possibilities. Freddy Kruger was living under my bed and going to eat me, or there was a kidnapper outside my window. Fear would reach down with its cold evil fingers and begin to squeeze my heart till it felt like it was going to stop. I would sit there in my bed trembling wondering what I could do.

I knew I had to make a run for it...

There was one problem though, if my feet touched my bedroom floor, obviously whatever was under there was going to eat me. So with no concern for my older brother, I would leap through the dark onto his bed. Then a quick hop to a chair and I had made it to the hallway. I would burst into my parents room, dive between them in bed and instantly I knew I was completely safe.

But abandonment isn't solved quite so simply...

The most painful thing about abandonment is the breakdown in trust between the two parties. There has to be an expectation of support that has been broken, a trust fall gone wrong in a way. We can often feel abandoned by God when bad things happen. Sickness takes a spouse, or we lose a job or home. All of this leads us to the question, where is God at.

The good news is He answered this question already... A bunch of times.

I just want to point one out this time that really struck me. In Psalm 27:10 it says, "Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me." What a statement that even if the two people who should love and care for you more than anyone else on the planet abandon you, God is still there. He is the Father you have longed for, the security you have sought. He is there now in whatever your situation, waiting to receive and comfort you. Remember that today and be blessed.