Who is The Rebellion...

well the short answer is we all are!


But every movement, every cause has to start with someone. After years of feeling powerless to change our own situations, our own skill sets, and even our own country, we woke up.


I remember the day I realized how to fix, what I knew had been broken for so long. I had struggled for a long time making excuse after excuse as to why the personal success I wanted, kept eluding me. I would tell myself, "Well you just don't have the money to go to the right school", but I had at one point had "The Money" to go to school. I just allowed myself to make excuses as to why I couldn't finish.


Then I changed my tune to the game is rigged. That the "haves" were somehow sabotaging my life. When the truth was I always worked incredibly hard, except at the hard things. What I mean by that is, I could work 22 hours straight (yes I really have) at a job that required a small amount of skills, but when it came to expanding my skills or learning a new one it was hard for me to apply myself for 30 minutes.


Why? It was for many reasons: the fear of failure, the fear of ridicule from my peers, the massive amounts of concentration it took, not knowing what skills interested me, not having an action plan to acquire the skills. All of which are true when you are attempting to master something new. All however, we can overcome when we learn to understand the truth.


See the truth was all of those fears had me scrambling. I would run from one silver bullet to the next hoping to buy success, or some sort of shortcut to gain success without paying the dues required. Till one day I had the incredibly hard realization that I wasn't owed success. I had no high value skills!


The even harder truth that some of us will have to come to, is that fancy piece of paper called a degree doesn't guarantee success either. If you don't have skills the marketplace wants or needs then guess what you will always be broke. I don't say that to be mean, or to say that you are not good enough. Quite the opposite, I believe you are capable of so much more than the government would have you believe.


It will take time and it will be hard as hell. It will however, pay off! I myself have found this to be true in my own journey already. I had recently switched careers, and obtained my real estate license. Thinking that by just getting a piece of paper, I was an "expert" and the money would just come rolling in. I was wrong!


I didn't know what to do, and I fell into the traps I spoke of earlier. I was starving and needed something right now, but unfortunately that mindset will actually prolong your struggle not make it shorter. The question I had to answer: what made me better, or what skills did I bring that would bring better results to my consumers than my competitors. 


I would lie to those around me, and say, "Yeah I can bring you better results." I would give vague answers as to how, the same ones that most agents give. Deep down though I knew I needed to improve my product (ME)! When I finally ran across this one guy, Ryan Fletcher (host of Agent Marketing Syndicate Podcast and Author of How to Defeat Mega Agents), the light bulb went off. In fact, it exploded! Not because he gave me some quick fix to my problem, but because he inspired me to become so much more. I made a promise to myself, I would never sell anyone on me again! I would make my product so much better than those around me, that my customers/friends would be asking me to help them.


What did I do to change my product? I spent months researching and consuming information on the different skills required for me to become the most valuable asset to my marketplace as possible. The skills I needed for the real estate are really the same ones any small business needs. I needed to know what marketing looked like so I began to study those at the top of that field (Godin, Vaynerchuk, Patel, and others.) I needed to bring better business and negotiation skills so studied (Ferris, Kennedy, Collins, and others.) I also needed to understand how to tell stories and aspects of influential writing (Fletcher and others), you get the idea.


Then the most important part came, I would execute on the skills I began to acquire and sure they would suck at first. (just listen to the first episode of The Rebellion) However, I would take the feedback I received, adjust and make it better. Then something strange began to happen. I started having confidence that I could honestly bring a better service to the people who worked with me. Then even wilder than that, people started thanking me for the content I was producing and asking me to help them. 


How did that happen? I would consume and execute over and over until, I actually had a skill that my competition didn't. Then because of my content that I produced, I didn't have to argue anymore the content spoke for me. This wasn't because I had someone teach me. This wasn't because I got lucky.


This WAS because I decided to make myself more valuable. I spend every free moment I have consuming or executing on these skills! This isn't a journey that ends it is a way of life. Look at the successful people around you, and ask them if it was handed to them. I am sure you will get a resounding NO!


So why start The Rebellion? Because I believe that the current state of our country is directly tied to two things.


The first is our inability to provide the life we want for ourselves and our families! The main reason we can not as a people seem to do this, is because we have based our entire lives off the advice given to us by the those that benefit from holding us down.


We continue to believe that by expanding government more and more, they will fix our situation. The worst part is even when someone says they know that the government is corrupt they vote for people who want to expand it's power. We continue to buy the lies that they have our best interest in mind. 


I know the government isn't going to be the answer. Having been in the military I know just how efficiently the VA delivers "healthcare". If the government can't figure out how to take care of 1% of the population, why do so many believe that they can fix everything for 100% of the population? 


I believe this is purely out of not fully understanding a real solution, because it may be scary. What if we make the government so small, that there is no safety net for you to fall back on. The truth is that safety net you are afraid of losing, is the net that is holding you down.


We hope to lay out a true path to success, and open your minds to truth of continuing to expand government will only expand the distance between you and the success you seek. Let us, "We The People" take hold of our freedoms and make our country the place where dreams can become a reality again. Not because we handed our freedoms to the government, but because we spoke up and said enough! Because The Rebellion came together and said, we will make our own success. Big Government you can keep your traps disguised as handouts, we don't need them anymore!


So corrupt politicians and those who seek to continue to perpetuate lies to hold us down I only have one thing left to say,


Get the hell out the way! The Rebellion is here, and we will not be defeated!


We will not quit!


We will PERSEVERE, STRENGTHENED by the blood of the patriots that came before us!


Caleb, Josh, and The Rebellion