The left push for population control, yet don't even have a good argument for killing millions of people!

You may be thinking to yourself, why would the left want population control? Who in the world would ever think killing people on a massive scale is the best decision? Or maybe you just don't believe me and think that the left would never do anything quite so horrendous. Well let me give you just a little bit of evidence to my argument.

It starts with abortion. The left preaches abortion as a women's health issue to detract from the truth that we are snuffing out the lives of human beings before they even have the ability to speak. When the truth is, it is far riskier for a woman have an abortion, or take drugs for an early term abortion to terminate the pregnancy. Then to just carry the baby to full term, and put it up for adoption.

As with any medical procedure there is always a risk for death, however abortion always guarantees it, on some level. The answer that the left has presented, is to use drugs for early term abortions, but these very drugs have been closely tied to cancer. So in fact, we are increasing the dangers for women under the guise of convenience.

So far for 2016, the estimate of abortions in the United States is totaling somewhere around 579,000. Since the decision of Roe versus Wade the number of aborted babies has somewhere around 59,165,690. As left Champions this is a women's health issue, to me it just looks like a lot less people who never got a chance to live.

You may be saying to yourself that this is just coincidence, that this doesn't correlate, that the left isn’t for population control. Maybe they’re just for abortion.

Let me turn your attention to what secretary Sebelius had to say in 2013, when pitching the budget for ObamaCare, to the house subcommittee for Energy and Commerce. The Secretary argued that the predicted drop in American babies being born would cause Insurance payouts to go down, not up therefore funding obamacare.

Also, under Obamacare why abortion is funded and paid for, mammograms are no longer considered necessary. Therefore the very drugs that they feed to women in early term abortions, that cause cancer, also help control population size in the form of late diagnosis.

The Washington Times wrote to warn against population control because it often leads to rampant human rights violations by governments.

The Population Research Institute aka PRI reported, many countries abuse human rights under the guise of family planning.

In Mexico poor women with children are often denied medical care, unless they agree to sterilization.

In Peru many women were forcibly sterilized by the country's population control campaign which left 300,000 women baren.

United Nations population fund aka UNFPA say, that they do not fund abortions or sterilization of women, yet they praised China for the one child per couple policy. The UNFPA  in 1999 sent 350,000 "emergency reproduction health kits", which were originally called " pregnancy termination kits". They changed the name however, because "they felt it would reduce the risk of offending sensitivities".

You may be asking yourself, what we're in these "emergency reproduction health kits"? Well the list includes condoms, birth control pills," morning-after pills", IUD's, and manual vacuum aspiration (the kind used in early term abortions).

The UN is not the US I am sure some of you are saying and you are correct. However, the US is it’s biggest funder under democratic leadership, and was stripped of funding under George W. Bush’s presidency.

This article is not about condemning those who've had abortions, but it is about shining the light of truth that this isn't a women's health issue rather a population control issue.

It's not just the young, that they will come after, it is also the elderly.

It's a well-known fact that when Hillary Clinton was first lady, and was given the task of reforming health care, she was a proponent for "death panels". It is not just her either, obama in 2009 as reported by The Washington Post said," seniors are getting too many procedures and maybe they're better off not having the surgery but taking pain killers".

In all reality the less people they have,the more money they can put into their social programs to keep people dependent upon the government.  To make sure they continue to vote for the very people that are holding them down.

What are some of the reasons they give for the use of population control?

Overcrowding: Oh no! We are running out of room!

Fact: It is estimated that the human race takes up about 1 to 3% of Earth's land mass. If you took all the people in the world and stood them shoulder to shoulder and front to back they could fit inside of a 17 square mile area. The reality is space is not the issue.

Widespread deforestation: We're going to run out of trees! Twice the size of Belgium is being logged each year!

Fact: In 2009 the New York Times reported for every acre of rainforest cut down each year 50 acres of new rainforests are growing.

And their favorite,

Climate change: Everyone is going to die because there's too much CO2! So kill people now to save the planet!

Fact: Dr. Robert Carter, the former Chief of Earth Sciences at James Cook University had this to say, "global warming is not happening". He went on to State how carbon dioxide is a necessary part of our complex biosphere, and how at times throughout history carbon dioxide both have been 10 to 15 times higher than they are now.

Dr. Willie soon, an astrophysicist and geoscientist at the harvard-smithsonian center for astrophysics had this to say," climate change is total anti-science, and is hurting science". He went on to explain how mass of the sun's role plays in our climate, and to say that one tiny gas in our atmosphere is going to destroy the planet makes a mockery of science.

University of Virginia professor emeritus Dr. Frank Singer, founder of the science and environmental policy project had this to say," there's been no statistically significant warming in 18 years". He also debunked the climate change models presented to the UN. The very one they make policy off of, and told them that the models simply do not work.

So what's the point?

Well it's that the left are exceptionally good liars! They have no intention of helping the little person, but it's just a story they sell. So that they can expand the size of government, and feed themselves more power. They are so good at telling this story, that they are openly for population control and people still think that they are a morally upright.

There is hope though, it begins with you. We must stand up for what is right, one at a time no matter the cost. As more and more stand up for what is right, it becomes easier for those who are afraid, to join in. If we really want to change things for the better, the answer is not more regulation and scare tactics. The answer is unity, coming together and working towards the common good, freedom.

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