U.S. Marine Completes Boston Marathon With One Leg and a Flag

When it comes to exercise there are few things I hate more than long distance runs. It isn't just because I am currently out of shape and run out of breath chasing my kids either. I have always hated running, even when I was a young PT stud in the army, I hated it. So, to fathom why, anyone would choose to put themselves through the agony of a marathon, is beyond me. However, hats off to anyone who completes that trudge of misery.

Especially this guy, retired Marine SSGT Jose Luiz Sanchez, because he didn't just run a marathon. He ran it with one leg. Did I forget to mention he did it in less than 6 hours. Yes, my friends this what putting on your big boy pants looks like. Just like you, he put them on one leg at a time... too soon? Thank you for your sacrifice sir and congratulations on a spectacular achievement. Well Done!

One last thing, maybe all these people who like protesting and burning the flag so much should try running a marathon with one leg. If he after losing his leg and I am going to assume probably some friends too, still loves his country this much what is their excuse? The idea, that flag of the United States, is representative of racism, bigotry, or any of the other nonsense the left claims is ridiculous. That flag has spread more freedom and done more good around the world than all the proverbial snowflakes combined.