The Sad Truth About The Shootings In Ft.Lauderdale...

When we face tragedies like what happen in Ft. Lauderdale yesterday, The Pulse Night Club shooting, or any other attack on innocent people, it seems we are always left asking the same questions. What could have prevented this? How could we have stopped this from ever happening?

Unfortunately, the sad truth is, there is NOTHING we can do!

I know that isn't what we want to hear but it is true.

The left will call for "common sense gun control" under the guise of mental health, but like I stated in, The Myth About Gun Control... there is no law or regulation that can stop someone from killing whoever they want. Even if you took every gun on the planet and melted them down into a giant tree hugging snowflake, people would find another way (9/11, Boston Marathon, Oklahoma city). Next, you will hear, how if there was better mental health care this wouldn't have happened. This is also a fallacy, no matter how many psychiatrists put people on couches, anti-depressants, or in padded rooms it will not prevent murder. Could it prevent certain cases? Probably but the problem, sadly isn't that simple. I will get to the complexity in a moment, but allow me to address the right's "solutions" as well.

Even though I personally agree with and support all citizens having the ability to open carry, it will not effectively stop these tragedies from happening. Would the reality of all citizens being armed add more incentive to not commit murder? Absolutely! Would to eradicate murder from our society? Absolutely not! More police and security at soft targets is another option, but it works much like open carry laws by increasing the deterrent and decreasing reaction time. The underlying problem though wouldn't be largely affected because we are creating solutions to the symptoms of a disease, instead of a cure.

All of these "solutions" are basically moral cold medicine. Just like its pharmaceutical counterpart, they make us feel a little better but do nothing to kill the virus causing our symptoms. I get it, the reality of innocent people being slaughtered reaches into the depths of our souls and cries out for action. It cries out for justice to be done and recoils from the pain of losing loved ones.

However, if we continue this never-ending cycle of trying to legislate morality, we can only rationally expect to continue getting the same results.

The problem isn't too many or too few guns, not enough security or police, not enough access to mental health practices, or any other symptom of the underlying problem.

The problem is the Human Condition.

Whether you are an atheist or a person of faith, all views agree that humanity has some serious issues. This, my friends, is where the complexity comes in. If you take any of the above "solutions" all of them come with unintended consequences. Gun Control only effectively disarms law abiding citizens. More access to mental health providers equals a bigger tax burden on the masses actually causing more depression and other issues. Everyone having guns increases accessibility of them for the good and the bad. As great as police are no one, not even cops, want to live in a police state.

So then what do we do?

That is the million-dollar question, isn't it.

Warning I am about to talk about faith, God, and hope.

The only real solution came around two thousand years ago and said he was God. Now if your an atheist before you start googling every bad thing ever done by the church or someone claiming the title Christian, just hear me out. Jesus Christ instructed his followers to love sacrificially, give joyfully, and to find contentment God so they could endure all circumstances. Sounds at best naively sentimental and at worst impossible, right? That is why he also said that this kind of change could only occur via the redemptive power of the actual spirit of God.

Let's say for a moment, that is true. What would our world look like? What would be the ripple effect of people caring more for others than themselves? How does the spirit of God affect mental health? How quickly would wars cease if forgiveness was our natural reaction instead of vengeance?

Now I know some heads are spinning in rage, and I get it. To most, the idea that the solution to the human condition is found in, a lowly Jewish carpenter who was so crazy he claimed to be God, sounds nonsensical. I would ask you this, can you prove that he isn't? How is man's managing of the world going? I know for some though there is no argument or question that can dilute their rage over suggesting that God would be an answer. In fact, some are immediately so filled with rage over just typing the name J-E-S-U-S they will hate me. The irony of all their hate is this, that he already predicted their reaction to his name.

This brings us back to the original sad truth, what can we do to cure the human condition? In short "we" can do nothing but wait for the day he returns. Till then as believers we should struggle every moment to live what we say we believe and pray continually for Christ return. For everyone else keep taking "cold medicine" and wish for world peace, I guess.

Do you have a solution? Comment below. Know someone that needs read this please share!