Dear Socialist Supporters, Capitalism Hasn't Failed. You Have!

I keep hearing the chant of the P.V.C.B. (Perpetual Victim Cry Babies) we need free college, we need free health care, and the rich are evil! Yesterday I heard the best one yet, Capitalism has failed them and that socialism will solve their problems.

Unfortunately, not only is your argument critically flawed, it is dangerous. Let’s start with the least potentially damning and work our way to your socialist hell.

First, let’s talk your flawed perspective on college. No being born in America or anywhere else in the world does not give you the inherent right to education of any kind except that which comes from your parents. Have some countries implemented education system? Sure. Is this a common human right? Absolutely not! The next incorrect assumption you make is that free community college will solve your income problem.  This argument has two main flaws: The first is, that the more of anything that is produced the value goes down. Whether its dollars, gold, or degrees the laws of supply and demand always apply, the same way that inflation and price increases would negate any benefit a $15 an hour minimum wage would bring, oversupply would render your degree worthless. The second critical flaw in this argument is that you are equating a degree with income; instead, you should be equating useful skills with income. The biggest lie the government ever sold was that if you got any degree that meant you deserved a good paying job. This is not true! The main factors determining your worth in the business world are: the level of demand for the skill you possess, the rarity of your said skill, and how proficient you are at said skill. This is why your degree in Parapsychology (the psychology of ghost… Yes this is a real degree) will ensure that you remain poor. There is no demand! Get it?

Now let’s talk health care, sounds great doesn’t it?  You can go to the doctor for anything and you will never have to worry about a bill. I hear those unfortunate souls who have contracted P.V.C.B. saying it works in Canada, Sweden, and the UK. Well not really, only if you consider extreme wait times, and lack of access to care “working”. The truth is you don’t even have to look at these much smaller countries to see how well government healthcare works, just go ask your local veteran. In the midst of VA scandal after VA scandal, you still chant government healthcare. When they can’t effectively take care of less than 1% of the population, what logic led you to the assumption adding 300 million more patients would allow the government to fix it? The reality is people from around the world come here for treatment, not the other way around. It is not a perfect system but the competition of a free market drives prices down not government regulation. Time and time again the government proves to be completely inept at managing tax dollars and doing anything efficiently. Health Care would be no different. Just because you don’t like paying for it doesn’t mean you are entitled to it. Which leads me to the most dangerous and asinine part of your argument, Capitalism has failed.

No, Capitalism hasn’t failed. You may have failed. Socialism has definitely failed and continues to fail over and over again. I understand, though, it may look like Capitalism failed because government regulation tried to save a bank or a car manufacturer.  Which resulted in more debt, the slowest economy in the history of America, and 94 million Americans out of the workforce, but that wasn't because of Capitalism that was because of government intervention. A truly free market has industries go bankrupt because of competition and innovation. If they had allowed these industries to go under yes you would have a spike in unemployment, but you would have also fueled innovation and resulted in a quicker and bigger economic recovery. Just look at it from a business perspective the need for automobiles would not have gone away, so other better more efficient automakers would have filled that market gap. Instead, though we gave the businesses that had already proven that they were a wreck a "bailout" and then we were surprised when they wasted all that money too. History has taught us over and over and over again that the free market is the only path to economic strength. Also, let's not mention how many millions of innocents have died because socialism.

Lastly, your beloved Socialism is inherently doomed to fail. Why? Because as long as humanity exist there will be evil people and even good people are corrupted by power at times. However, for Socialism to work effectively the government must be pure and incorruptible. This is the very reason that you chant for Socialism now because you think the system is corrupt and broken. You're right about that, but the blame shouldn't be placed on Capitalism. It should be directed to the far too large and overly bureaucratic government that we currently have. The answer is not and never will be expanding the power of government. The answer is shrinking government to as small as possible and restoring power to the people. Keeping more of what you earn and removing ridiculous regulations so the entrepreneurial spirit can be free to innovate. The American Dream is about how great the American is, not how great the government is. It is meant to empower everyone to fulfill their destiny, not rely on the government to hand them mediocrity. It is about blazing a path, not asking the government for permission to go somewhere. 


My friends, please don't buy the lies that the government wants to be your savior. Believe in yourself, Invest in yourself, and vote to shrink government so that freedom can flourish!


The Rebellion