The Myth About Gun Control, and Why It Will Be The End Of America!

The left would have you believe, that gun control would somehow end gun violence. This is nothing more than a complete fallacy, and let me explain why.

If the myth of gun-control, were able to stop gun violence then that means laws would stop people from breaking them. But no matter how many laws we make, people continue to break them that is why we have jails, prisons, and the death penalty. Do you think we would have these things if they weren't necessary?

So to say that making something illegal will keep people from doing it, is just not true. Look at prohibition, we made alcohol illegal, people still wanted it, people still made it, and  people still went to jail over it. It didn't slow down production or consumption. In fact, it increased the production of alcohol across the country.

Well how about the War on Drugs, maybe that was different. So, we made all these different drugs illegal, and yet there are more drugs on the streets today. Than there were when we started the war on drugs. Which would then lead you to believe that this is not an effective tactic to getting what you want.

One more example, Gun control will stop acts of terrorism, and make them be able to kill less people. Also false, look at the largest terrorist attacks in the last 50 years. Oklahoma City used fertilizer, he didn't use a single gun, didn't use any illegal materials. He used fertilizer, and I hear the PVCB crying “but now there's regulations on how much fertilizer you can buy and that'll prevent it right?”  No! That will not prevent it, if that were the case then making large purchases Pseudoephedrine illegal, would have stopped meth production. I'm pretty sure that meth is still going strong.

Look at 9/11, any guns on those airplanes? Nope a bunch of box cutters, but you know what they killed a whole bunch of people.

The Boston Marathon bombings killed a bunch of people, and not a single gun used there.

The point is, in all of these heinous acts of violence there was never once a gun used.

So therefor, outlawing guns from law-abiding citizens, has zero to do with preventing gun violence.

Now that we have debunked that myth. What's the real reason behind the left wanting to take your guns?

Well let me offer this reasoning up to you. Why did the founding fathers give us the Second Amendment?

Unlike the left would have you believe it wasn't for hunting, it wasn't for anything other reason than stopping the formation of a new tyrannical government. Because they had seen how great that worked in England, and they said well what can we do to prevent this from ever happening here. Well if all the citizens are armed, it makes it pretty hard for the government to come in and take what is not theirs. It makes it hard for the government to abuse its power. So, the left who is all about expanding government, doesn't like that they can't push their agenda. Even though the majority of people do not want it, they still think we need their “wise” ways. If everyone is armed it is a much tougher task to stomp on the rest of their freedoms, but guess what you take everybody's guns it gets alot easier.

They don't care how many people it pisses off. Gun control is not about stopping gun violence! Gun control is completely about stopping the political process!

The founding fathers didn't put a limit on guns for a reason. Here's what Benjamin Franklin had to say about the right to bear arms and gun control, “they that give up essential Liberty for a temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty nor safety.”

Meaning giving up guns does not make a country safer, it makes a country less free. It allows the government to take over this is what the left doesn't want you to know. This is why they continue to spin everything into some politically correct jargon. That nobody really knows what they're cheering for, but they just know we hate Republicans and Christians. Because, if they can hate those two groups of people, then guess what, they get what they want. And all their little supporters will get everything they want, until there's no guns left to defend their supporters.

Then we get Socialism or communism depending on what wacko leftist is in the white house.

So, do not, I repeat do not, allow gun control!

This the quickest way to the destruction of America, and the quickest way to destruction of all your personal freedoms.

Do not for a second believe that the government has your best intentions in mind.

Here is a question for all you PVCB infected, if the government is so worried about gun control and stopping gun violence.

Why is the government, continually the biggest exporter of arms to foreign countries around the world? Yet says its own citizens, don’t need to have them.

You can't explain it, unless there's a reason that they don't want their citizens to protect themselves.

The only reason that could be, is to take your freedom!