Who is the REAL Enemy to your success?

The "Progressives" of the country want to scream that it is horrible corporations who are holding you back. That if you just give them more control and power they will fix it all. That you need their help after all you are just the "little guy". Right? They say, that they will fight for you and bring economic equality, and that the economy will boom and everyone will have every right to everything. That gold will rain from heaven and that the earth will be healed. 

Doesn't that sound AMAZING! Maybe it sounds just a little to good to be true? 

The truth my friends, goes a little more like this: Make it harder for business to operate and make profits, jobs will decrease and some will eventually leave for better tax breaks. I know some might say good riddance! It doesn't matter because we will all at least be making 15 dollars an hour. Right, I don't know if you have heard of inflation before, but it is real. Ask Austria, France, Germany, China, and North Korea how it has worked out for them. Guess what the one thing all these countries had in common during their respective years of hyperinflation, governments that regulated the market so it was  "fair" for everyone. Then because they weren't actually producing anything they printed more and more money to keep paying everyone. The end result, if you pay everyone the same, production goes down and inflation goes up, stealing the buying power you had hoped to achieve. 

The REAL Enemy to your success is one person. One person you can easily track down and get rid of if you really wanted to. Do you want to find them? Then walk to the nearest bathroom and look in the mirror. I don't say that to be mean, because it is the same realization I had to have with myself. When you finally get past the illusion of entitlement you realize that there is one extremely hard question that you have to ask yourself. What skills do you bring to the table that others don't? I know it's hard question, and that most of you are having to scratch and claw to be honest with yourselves. What do you bring to your job that someone else can't replicate. What is your proprietary secret that gets your consumer a better product or service? There is no amount of government that can give you that. There is no "coach" that can give you "3 easy steps to massive success". The only way to honestly fix this and be able to answer these questions is to research and become a sponge on your subject matter, craft a plan, and then execute the plan until said skill is better than everyone.

Guys just want you to know, I love you and that we are in this together! If you want to talk email me at caleb@therebellionshow.com