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Welcome to The Rebellion


We stand for freedom here! We firmly believe that what made The United States the greatest country on earth was and is a Free People. We push back against the government because it is what our founding fathers instructed us to do. We are voice for all those who are demonized for loving our country and our constitution. We believe in facts, rational thought, and free speech, plus we like to have fun. Hope you find inspiration here, or at least a good laugh. 


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The Place where #TruthJuice and #FreedomStrokes collide. Want to read up on everything from population control to achieving success in business it's here.

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The Rebellion Podcast

New new voice of Freedom is here. Come take a listen to my brother and I destroy liberal lies and political correctness. Make sure you never catch PVCB by getting your weekly vaccination of #TruthJuice

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We are The rebellion!


Thank You for taking your time to check us out. We hope that you find community here among fellow Warriors of Liberty. We hope to entertain, but more importantly to inspire each person who takes the time to listen. We want to show you there is hope, and it starts with you. Together we can change the direction our country is headed and have some laughs along the way. Thank you again and share with anyone you know that needs some #TruthJuice in their life!

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Host/ Caleb Bradford
Host/ Josh Bradford


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